Is that White Smoke Coming from your CRM System?
Trillium Software: Leader in Gartner Data Quality Magic Quadrant!

Trillium Quality for Salesforce 1.2

by Keith Kohl, VP Product Management, Trillium Software

Trillium Quality for Salesforce We've all seen the statistics on data quality degradation, particularly in CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I've seen stats of anywhere from 2% to over 6% data quality degradation every month. Think about what that means to your business: lost opportunities (and revenue!), brand reputation, frustrated sales & marketing reps, and customer loyalty just to name a few.

And what about the costs? According to Gartner Group, poor data quality costs companies an average of $8.2M annually with many companies reporting costs of $20M and up to $100M annually. As a CRM administrator, you could literally save your company millions!

Poor data quality manifests itself in multiple ways in a CRM system:

  • Missing information such as address details, telephone, email and so on
  • Duplicate leads, accounts or contacts
  • Inaccurate data such wrong address or missing postal code

Trillium has recently launched our new release of Trillium Quality for Salesforce 1.2. I’m very excited and proud of this new release because it rounds out many of the capabilities our customers have been looking for to ensure accurate, complete and trusted data in Salesforce. Let me highlight a few of these capabilities.

Batch vs. real-time, now you can have both with several options. Batch is made up of two capabilities:

  • Initial cleanse or a monthly/quarterly cleanse of all records in Salesforce. This will go through all of your records (contacts, leads, opportunities) in Salesforce and ensure there are 1) no duplicates, and 2) cleanse the data to ensure common names and addresses (and more on this later)
  • Batch is also made up of marketing events. Let’s say your marketing group goes to a trade show or holds a webinar. They, ideally, will enter in a bunch of opportunities (hopefully over 1,000 depending on the event). These opportunities need to go through the same de-duplication process of what is already in Salesforce (for obvious reasons) and also the cleansing

But what happens when your marketing or sales rep is online entering in a new contact and that person is already in your Salesforce database. Trillium Quality for Salesforce will detect a potential duplicate and present that to the user through a pop-up window. The user will then be given the opportunity to say no, it’s not a duplicate or the user can merge the record to create the best content for the record. The record is also cleansed as well.

Duplicates Detected

Trillium has the best matching capabilities available in the industry. This means industry-leading de-duplication so you have the trusted single view of customer and prospective customer. Don’t take our word for it, Gartner Group agrees and we have been a leader in the Data Quality Magic Quadrant for 10 years (which is every year they have published a DQ MQ).

Trillium also has worldwide support for all postal addresses and geocoding anywhere. You don't have to source this from third-parties and try to integrate it yourself. We have it. And it's not just addresses, we can also verify email and phone numbers as well!