Using Data Quality as a Service to Create the “Golden Record” – Part 1: Email Validation

by Jo-Anne Zullo, Product Manager for Enrichment at Trillium Software, a Syncsort Company

Trilliumblog_emailsIn the first of our 3-part “Golden Record” series, we will focus on email validation, to help you ensure you’re really reaching your audience.

“Golden Records” are the Gold Standard of Customer Information

One of our clients refers to accurate customer information as “Golden Records” and for good reason. Did you know that most expert sources say that it costs an average of five times more to win a customer then to retain one? Given that statistic, and with costs continually rising, it can save a business a lot of money if they retain more customers.

To do this, communicating and interacting with your customers on a timely basis is the key to the success, and to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The bottom line is that organizations need to validate the accuracy of all key customer information – including email, phone, IP and physical addresses to ensure they connect with customers regularly, to reduce churn, improve service and heighten the customer experience.

Today, Trillium announced a new solution to meet all of these essential customer information validation requirements, Trillium Precise. It leverages world-wide postal and geocoding for data cleansing and enrichment of customer contact information to ensure the accuracy of customer records. Let’s look at each critical area of customer information, starting with email.

Email Validation is the First Step to Creating “Golden Records”

All of Trillium Precise services are Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions, which can be delivered on-premise or in the Cloud. The email validation service not only allows organizations to avoid the time and effort of emailing to inactive or incorrect individuals, they can also increase the effectiveness of marketing and customer contact management systems.

Look around, whether you are at the store, at a restaurant, or at the gym, you can’t help but notice that everyone is on their mobile phone and people are constantly checking their email. Did you know over two billion people throughout the world use email and the number keeps growing?

Business reliance upon email contact can be taken for granted, but can you rely on email addresses alone to get the right message to the right person at the right time? Unfortunately not!

An email address alone does not provide much information. Is the email valid? What more can we discover about an individual that would help us ensure we deliver the right message? By utilizing Trillium Precise, you can verify the emails your company owns are accurate and contactable, anywhere in the world, and get better insights about your customers.

Does your organization want to know if the email on record matches to the registered name on file? Of course! Trillium Precise can provide that information as well. Companies need to be able to rely on their data and be able to email their customers with confidence. Your organization would not want to market the wrong product or offer to an incorrect or inappropriate individual or business.

Email Personalization is Possible with Name Matching

In addition, you probably at some point have received a personalized email that states your name. These messages are more likely to grab your attention and make you feel more important than receiving a generic email. There is something special about getting an email that not only has your name but is relevant to you. With Trillium Precise, you can utilize our name match feature within your emails to provide that personal touch.

Again, it’s vital to organizations to keep contact data clean and trustworthy, including email addresses. Trillium Precise not only can indicate if an email address is active, but also checks the validity of the email. In addition, by utilizing Trillium Precise, your core customer and sales contact information will be supported by Trillium’s leading data quality technology – that’s how you create a “Golden Record!”



Thanks to Our Customers for Another Year in the Leader's Quadrant

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Trillium Leader in Gartner Data Quality Magic Quadrant This just in! Trillium Software has been named a leader by Gartner in its 2016 Data Quality Tools Magic Quadrant. This is the eleventh year in a row that Trillium Software has been recognized as such by this major review of all the significant players. It's a feat that spans more years than any other vendor in the market space.

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Trillium Leader in Gartner Data Quality Magic Quadrant Last week, Gartner Group released its Data Quality Magic Quadrant (MQ) and Trillium Software is once again in the leader quadrant (the coveted upper right)! In fact, ever since Gartner has been publishing the Data Quality MQ, Trillium has been in the upper right leader quadrant, 11 straight years.

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Trillium Quality for Salesforce We've all seen the statistics on data quality degradation, particularly in CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I've seen stats of anywhere from 2% to over 6% data quality degradation every month. Think about what that means to your business: lost opportunities (and revenue!), brand reputation, frustrated sales & marketing reps, and customer loyalty just to name a few.

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Data Quality Challenges It's there every time I get in my car, nagging me. There's this little wrench icon, which began to appear about a month ago. And there's the service notification in the middle of my dashboard, with the mileage indicator (-891) telling me that I should have changed my oil almost 900 miles ago. But I haven't had the time. And scheduling a service visit is inconvenient.

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Delivering Quality - Where it Counts, When it Counts

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Single View "of" the Customer or Single View "for" the Customer?

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Single View of the Customer or Single View for the Customer The concept of a single or unified customer view has long been expressed as a key motivation for investing in CRM, both in terms of an overall CRM strategy as well as its supporting systems. Given the complexity of modern IT architectures and the different repositories of customer data throughout the typical enterprise, the idea of unifying them within a single view of the customer can be quite appealing. And, in fact, the concept of a single customer view is a key go-to-market strategy and messaging component for Trillium’s marketing of its CRM data quality initiatives. When you want to understand your customers (in terms of who they are and how they act), you’ll generally find the data that can inform that understanding is strewn throughout a variety of systems. Trillium’s data quality offerings can help normalize those different data sets and help organizations gain a unified view.

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Good Data – An Essential Part of the Marketing Recipe

by Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager, Trillium Software

Good Data – An Essential Part of the Marketing Recipe Trillium recently hosted a webinar during which John Coe, a co-founder at, discussed the changing role that customer data has in today’s marketing environment. The key point was that data is no longer just the output of marketing activity; it increasingly is the fuel that drives that activity. No longer are companies content to do monthly reports – perhaps with pretty charts and graphs - that look back retrospectively on what happened. Now they want to use data that 1) they generate, 2) acquire from other parties or 3) can monitor in the ether of social media to better inform their analysis. The goal is continuous calibration and refinement of marketing activities. It is an iterative, never-ending feedback and action loop.

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Bridging Digital and Physical Worlds for the Right Customer Experience Reconciling the borderless nature of digital interactions with the physical world of where customers actually are can present challenges. Unless potential issues are anticipated and addressed in your processes and supporting systems the price you pay can be a poor experience delivered to your [potential] customers. Below is an example (a personal anecdote) of how those challenges can crop up.

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The Lyrics of a CRM Solution

by Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager, Trillium Software

MusicandlyricsThere’s a story dating back 65 years that involves the musical writing team of [Richard] Rodgers and [Oscar] Hammerstein and South Pacific, one of their many Broadway hits. Though perhaps apocryphal, the story nicely illustrates a theme that I believe is as much applicable to CRM as it is to Broadway musicals. For those who have not attended a performance or seen the film, South Pacific was based on James Michener’s Pulitzer Prize winning “Tales of the South Pacific”, a collection of stories about World War II that wove in a strong message about racial tolerance, or the lack thereof. The musical opened on Broadway in April of 1949 and, like their two previous collaborations (Oklahoma and Carousel), it was an immediate hit.

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